building-blocksRecently I had the pleasure of speaking with a successful businessman about how he started. He came up with an insurance method for businesses that has the potential of saving them thousands of dollars, while offering better overall benefits. The thing that I remember most about what he said is that he “built his business $7.oo at a time.”

Each employee that’s signed up nets him $7.oo a year. That doesn’t sound like much at the start, but now he has thousands of people signed under the program. All this was done with persistence and having a clear goal in mind.

How often do you get distracted doing the unproductive that you avoid actually doing the work that grows your businesses.  While you’ve been programmed to shout to the masses to get known, the valued customer is the one who’s built a trust in you, comes back for more, and tells his/her friends.

Spend time connecting, caring, and growing your business one person at a time.