Web Design, Development, and Internet Marketing

In this marketplace it can be confusing finding a web design company. Your website needs to give a lasting impression to internet visitors. Maine Graphics is a web design company specializing in unique web design and internet marketing. Websites are constructed after evaluating your business goals. We'll lead you through the steps needed to build your website or redesign of your existing web site.

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Web Design

web design company
  • Free itemized, written estimates
  • Custom web design
  • Wordpress ® installation and templating
  • CMS- Content management systems
  • E-Commerce/ shopping carts
  • SEO- Search engine optimization
  • Maintenance on existing web sites

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing company

If you've had a website for a while, but you're not seeing it on the search engines- don't give up! We've worked with businesses doing Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and have had great results!

We look at your site, do an analysis and report, and then make adjustments to the site in order to move it higher in the search engines. We then take the time to track of the progress and keep it moving in the right direction.

We'd be glad to give you an initial evaluation of your web site position for specific keywords. Maine Graphics doesn't use any techniques that will get you banned or 'blacklisted' from the search engines.

Web Site Programming and Internet / Intranet Applications

Internet marketing company

Some ideas just don't fit into a box. There may be a special application that will make your web site really shine or an intranet program needed for company use. It may be a customized calculator, dynamic chart to display business data, data placed on a map or some other specialized application that needs to be hand coded. Call us and see how your idea could work as an online application.

Customized calculators
Bar and pie charts for dynamic data
Shopping cart customizing
Inventory and pricing applications
Customized product pricing and display for online stores

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Mobile web design

mobile web design
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