One of the interesting things about my job is that I never know what’s around the corner. Last week I was approached by a guy (who I’ll call “Bob”) to come up with a vehicle sticker design. That wasn’t so unusual, but the design is for his son who is handicapped and is an avid hunter living in Maine. My understanding is that there is permission granted to certain disabled hunters to hunt from their vehicles- if they can’t easily get through the woods. This is one of those situations that I’ve never bumped into and thus have never thought of.
I guess “Bob” and his son were taking some heat from people who saw someone hunting from their vehicle. They were even reported to the authorities for doing so. While it’s good that there are those that look out for law breaking citizens, it’s also good not to jump to the wrong conclusions in doing so.
The result is that “Bob” wanted a sticker to put on his vehicle that portrayed what the situation was. The design, based on “Bob” and his son’s suggestion is shown below.

Handicapped hunter

What do you think? Does it get the right message accross?
While I’m sad that there are disabled people in the world, I’m glad that some can still get out- with limitations, and enjoy some of the activities that others enjoy.
Hopefully, others will pick up on this design and accept it as a symbol for disabled hunters so that they can enjoy the activity hassle free.