Being an entrepreneur has always been in my blood, I think. I’m not sure where this came
from but it started in my tweens selling excess beans from the garden at the road, and selling blueberries that I had picked at the local general store.

From there,  I went on to do carpentry, then cabinet and furniture design and building, and finally the computer world opened up. The first website that I did was for my furniture  business. I’ve always loved problem solving, building things and seeing them work successfully.  In fact, if something’s not working I have a really hard time letting it go! Building that first website was so exciting for me. The bug bit me and I know that was a direction that I wanted to head in.

One thing that I’ve always loved seeing is is when an individual gets a business idea, then works hard on that idea and turns it into a full grown business. One example that I’ve been able to be a part of, and seen from the inside,  is a friend who started Hill View Mini Barns. What started as a one man (and wife helping) shop working out of the garage,  has grown to a solid business spread throughout Maine and providing a good income for a lot of people. There are other examples but this one I’ve seen right from day one.

What’s the secret? I believe there are a few key ingredients.

  1. Setting clear goals and being focused
  2. Taking calculated risks – not so much that you’d never recover, but enough so that you can test new ideas and grow.
  3. Having a kind and generous heart. This book addresses it well:  The Go-Giver

I get a charge out of seeing the way the focus on marketing has changed from traditional, interruptive marketing to people opting in to getting what you have and hearing what you have to say. As an entrepreneur, I’m still “fishing” and seeing what works for my niche. One thing that I’ve learned is that it’s a continual learning process. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the journey!

What’s your entrepreneurial success story? Email and tell me. I’d love to hear it. (maybe I’ll include it here!) mainegraphics@gmail.com


Doug Moore