Sitting down this morning I had the intention of writing a new post on my blog. The air is apple-harvestcrisp(43 deg. F.) and we’re quickly headed into Autumn. I was eager with my good intentions of blogging more consistently.

I went to login to WordPress and was welcomed with a loop back to the login page- no error message. My first thought was that I had the password wrong, so I went into phpmyadmin and reset my admin password using MD5 for the password function.

Long story short, after spending over an hour researching what the problem could be and  putting:

error_reporting (E_ALL);

in the wp-config to try to flush out any php errors that there may have been – still – nothing.

Then I had a “lightbulb” moment. Several weeks ago I put an .htaccess file on my site for a 301 redirect. This htaccess file helps with SEO efforts so that search engines don’t see duplicate sites for www. and non www pages.

What I failed to realize is that this was causing my problem with WordPress! I had the settings in WordPress admin-> settings set to and my .htaccess file was redirecting to Initially removing the .htaccess file fixed the problem. I was then able to change the WordPress settings to and put my .htaccess file back.

Problem fixed and I’m now able to continue on in my day!

I think that WordPress is a great tool, but not without it’s issues. It’s not unusual to have conflicts with plugins, or out of date plugins as there was with a client this week.

Happy Friday and welcome Autumn!