WordPress responsive web design

wordpress-logo-32-blue WordPress has gone from being a blogging software to a full featured web page platform. There are thousands of plugins available that make if easy to customize to almost any industry.

Photographers and artists can use the gallery features.

If you’d like to run a store you can use e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce. (See other comparisons here).

WordPress allows the site owner to make changes to wording, pricing, add events, images, etc. without the need of contacting the web developer each time.

Responsive web design made easy!

Another key feature of a WordPress site is being able to have a responsive web design right out of the box without any custom coding. A responsive, fluid web design allows the content to re-size and flow nicely on a mobile device.  The menu should go from a full menu to a mobile friendly one. With a responsive web design, you only have one place that you need to change your content.

All that being said, there are times when you get stuck. You may need help with the installation, theme customization, or plugin conflicts. We do WordPress installations if needed and WordPress consulting. Since each situation is unique, we price according to the work that needs to be performed.

Please feel free to call 207-992-3352 to talk about getting a WordPress responsive design.

Our recommendation is to use a template from a reputable source, one that is updated on a regular basis (active), and to use a responsive theme.

When installing themes and plugins, keep in mind that you should install only what’s needed for your website to function the way that you want. Plugins can cause conflicts with each other. Also, the performance of your website can slow down with each plugin installed.

Call 207-992-3352 to talk about your WordPress site.