Digital Marketing and Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Is traditional marketing working for your business? No longer are Yellow Pages and newspapers producing the results that they did in the past. When people want to find businesses they turn to the internet. Getting organic results on search engines is one of the best ways to ‘advertise’ your business. Digital marketing takes into account all of your online presence. It includes your website, your business social presence, as well as newsletter programs.Ddd

Search Engine Optimization is the process of taking an existing website or creating a new site with the various search engines in mind. There are a lot of variables to keep in mind- how the differentsearch engines behave, the keywords you should use, how your competitor’s are indexed, etc. If your website has been up for a while and not found on the major search engines, we can do ananalysis and see what can be done in order to optimize. We provide in-depth reports, and make professional recommendations based on those reports. Since each SEO project is unique, we quote each job individually.

Our SEO process

  1. Initial consultation(Free)
  2. Keyword phrase research
  3. Quote given based on keywords, competition, site size, and whether we actually make the page changes
  4. Reports and suggestions given (as per quote)
  5. Site changes done (as per quote)
  6. Regular reports run to track website changes and progress

Reports we provide

  • Optimization Advice and Analysis
  • Density Analysis
  • Search Engine View report
  • Search Engine RankingsDigital marketing
  • Competitor’s Rankings
  • Links and Linking Analysis
  • Post optimization reports