Doug MooreDoug Moore (owner)
Maine Graphics
302 Stetson Rd
Newport, ME 04953

For more than 25 years I’ve lived in Maine. I’ve always lived in rural areas, so to be in a state that has all the outdoor opportunities is really exciting. The first 30 years of my life I spent enjoying hiking, fishing, biking, and photography in one of the prettiest areas of western Mass. After a great high school education at Northfield Mount Hermon(NMH), I focused in art at Houghton College, New York. Using that training I continued to persue my interests in making furniture and cabinets, painting, photography, and then computer graphics.

I love reading reference books and absorbed all that I needed to build my first website over 12 years ago. Since then I’ve gone on to learn PHP and mySql development, and most recently- mobile web design techniques. I’m thankful that my entrepreneurial mindset has kept me out of the cubicle! I love to solve problems- and tend to get absorbed until the solution is found.

Married 39 years to my wife Peggy -we have raised 5 great kids- most of that time in our old, Greek Revival, brick house. In my spare time I may be off cycling, taking pictures (at the ocean), or cooking something tasty in the kitchen!

Feel free to call – you’re sure to get that indivdualized attention needed in running your business.

Doug Moore (owner)