Were you born an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur has always been in my blood, I think. I’m not sure where this came from but it started in my tweens selling excess beans from the garden at the road, and selling blueberries that I had picked at the local general store. From there,  I went on to do carpentry, then cabinet and furniture design and building, and finally the computer world opened up. The first website that I did was for my furniture  business. I’ve always…

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Building a trusted brand one person at a time

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a successful businessman about how he started. He came up with an insurance method for businesses that has the potential of saving them thousands of dollars, while offering better overall benefits. The thing that I remember most about what he said is that he “built his business $7.oo at a time.” Each employee that’s signed up nets him $7.oo a year. That doesn’t sound like much at the start, but now he…

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