yoDraw – mini barn drawing program

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Drawing program designed specially for mini barn, storage building, and garage builders for their customers and shop orders.

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This easy drawing program was specially developed for mini barn and garage builders. With it you can create drawings for your customers quickly with little or no experience! Your customers will get a clean drawing with little time involvement by you. With this download program you can:

  • Create a clean drawing in under 2 minutes!
  • Make drawings from mini barn to garage sized.
  • Save as PDF to print or email to customers.
  • Create easy to read shop drawings to go with your work order.
  • Scaleable – add more drawings and edit HTML file (by your web person) in order to customize to your building requirements.

This is an early release version offered at half price. With this you get:

  • One year free support
  • Lifetime FREE upgrades as the program expands
  • One on one consulting by phone or email.

easy draw program

Easy mini barn drawing program

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Requirements: This program must be displayed in any modern browser that supports ‘Canvas’.  This includes:

  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • Chrome 40 and 41
  • Safari 7 and 8
  • Firefox 35 and 36 (Extended Releases are not supported)

Requires a web server with PHP enabled (includes most web servers) In order to use this you must be able to (or have your web person) unzip and upload files to your web server. The company logo can be created and uploaded to your server.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me, Doug at

Download program instructions here.

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File size is 18.8 MB zipped and 36.8 MB unzipped.

** NOTE** 14′ wide buildings are drawn with the walls at 13′ – 8″ (for oversized deliveries). If you have a dimensions, we would be happy to change the code for you.

What you get: All of the files required to do drawings as in the demo. Free upgrades – password protection on program, drawing history, etc. You also get the starter package of drawings – doors and windows.

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Instructions are included in folder. Package contains 30 images and also Photoshop source images to get you started. If you’d like custom images designed, please check out this option. [button color=”green” url=”” size=”small”]Custom Image Pack[/button]

I’d love your feedback even if you don’t purchase!

For a painless installation process – guaranteed! [button color=”green” url=”” size=”small”]Installation Service[/button]


[accordion title=”Is this charge for one drawing? ” state=”closed”]No, the price is for all the files that can produce the drawings as the demo shows. The files need to be put on your web server.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How many computers can I put it on?  ” state=”closed”]The files don’t go on your local computer, they go on your web server to be accessed by typing in a web address like The price is for one business. You may not purchase it and pass it around to your friends![/accordion]

[accordion title=”Should I password protect the folder on the web server?” state=”closed”]We recommend that you password protect the folder using htaccess. Instructions vary according to the web server. It’s included in the yoDraw Installation pack. It also may be a feature in future (higher priced) releases. Remember, future releases are included in this early release price.  [/accordion]